Welcome to Medtech

Medtech Solutions Pty. Ltd. is a “Third Party” Medical Engineering company that provides quality service at a very competitive price.

We service multi-vendor, multi-modality equipment of varying technical complexity, including Linear Accelerator, Computerised Tomography (CT), General X-Ray, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine (Gamma Cameras).

We will work with you to customise a service contract to suit your individual needs.

As part of our standard services we offer a more responsive, high quality, cost effective alternative to the traditional company service provided by the equipment manufacturers.

Medtech Solutions has established a position in the medical service industry because of the need for competition.

We are not only conscious of attaining success through scientific and technical expertise but also through strong engineering management.

In conclusion, Medtech Solutions provides a high level of professional service at an affordable price. Therefore, our primary goals include:

  1. Achieving significant reduction in the operating costs;
  2. Improving overall machine reliability; and
  3. Bringing competition into the market place, which gives medical providers freedom of choice.