About Us

In 1996 when Medicare (Australia’s public health system) put the squeeze on hospitals and private clinics, wringing out savings on costly repair, service and maintenance from original equipment manufacturers. Medtech Solutions evolved and helped hospitals in taking a scalpel to the costs of medical equipment repairs, in part to bring down the price.

Mr. Victor Zeitoun & Mr. Francis Tisse the founders of Medtech Solutions where previously employed by Medical Applications Pty. Limited (Siemens & Philips jointly).

Mr. Victor Zeitoun was trained on Siemens Linear Accelerator since Siemens Linac arrived into Australia & trained on CT Scanners and previously worked in Elscint Australia Pty. Limited as a field Service Engineer and Elscint Israel in design and manufacturing.

Mr. Francis Tisse was trained on Siemens Linear Accelerators since 1994 & Gamma Cameras since 1985, previously worked in SriLanka as Siemens Service team manager.

In conclusion, we felt that we could provide a high level of professional service at an affordable price. Therefore, we decided to start Medtech Solutions and our primary goals included:

  • Achieving significant reduction in the operating costs;
  • Improving overall machine reliability;
  • Bringing competition into the market place, which gives medical providers freedom of choice;
  • Reduced downtime due to immediate on site response (providing the customer with an engineer on site) resulting in greater equipment uptime revenues;
  • Assured compliance with manufacturer’s service and maintenance procedures;
  • Improved communication with the equipment operators;
  • Reduced accounting expenses through a single vendor invoice; and
  • One telephone number to call for all their equipment service needs.

Liverpool Hospital (Cancer Therapy Centre) of Sydney, our first customer, began looking for a way to trim costs and add convenience to their Radiotherapy services. They looked around at the many options available to a large metropolitan hospital – original equipment manufacturers, insurance providers etc…

They had a large internal clinical engineering function, which was re-staffed and improved – yet they felt more savings might be available by outsourcing the function along with radiotherapy maintenance and repair.

Medtech Solutions Pty. Ltd. developed a service program, which won the approval of Liverpool Hospital administrators and board members.

The hospital administration worried about Medtech Solutions’ ability to service the most technologically advanced state of the art devices, including Linear Accelerators, CTs and Simulators. Additionally the department was moving into high-tech imaging archiving transfer and verification systems.

When the agreement was finalized, Medtech Solutions’ staff moved into the hospital and the equipment ran better than the hospital expected and they were able to meet their savings and expectations.

As word spread, other hospitals started to ask for our services.